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The Law Firm belonging to lawyer Satta Antonio, headquartered in Nuoro, deals with civil matters, both judicial and extrajudicial, including those relating to property, hereditary rights, compensation for damages, recovery of claims, separation and divorce and child custody.

 Satta Law Firm has a contract for the provision of mortgage and cadastral services, consulting and notarial deeds, translation, negotiation and communication in English.

The lawyer. Antonio F.Satta, in addition to the usual forensic activity, is a professional mediator at the Forensic Chamber of Concilion.

The lawyer. Antonio F.Satta has given special attention to the subject of personal data processing by providing lectures with traders on the Privacy Code.

The risk of professional liability is covered by the Generali spa insurance company.


We place great importance on all matters relating to family law involving minors, separations and divorces.

servizio di traduzione

With regard to the care of international relations with Anglo-Saxon countries, we also offer a translation service.

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